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Dana set pricing on this 1-18-2017

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Membership Dues, Group Fitness, Tanning, Childcare, Personal Training, Kickboxing Class - 10 Pack, Membership Sales, Processing Fee, CALFIT PUNCH


Membership Dues, Group Fitness, 06Jun RGF, Processing Fee

Family Member

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Childcare/Tanning Combo

$ 0 down / $10.00 per month

Down Payment Breakup

Base Plan Cost

Down Payment: $29.99
Prorated: $0.00
Taxes: $2.25

Add on Cost

Add-on Down Payment: $0.00
Prorated: $0.00
Taxes: $0.00

Total Due Now: $32.24
Recurring Dues: $19.99 per month + Tax (as applicable) Amount Financed :$239.88

Plan Dates:

Effective from : 5/27/2020
Expires On : 5/27/2021