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Month to Month membership, with No long term commitment. Only $39.95 per month with NO startup fee. Monthly billing is automatically collected from a Checking Account. Billing date is determined by your Home Gym; Fishers 1st of the month, Southport the 10th, Keystone the 20th. Cancellation of membership is a 30 day written notice and MUST be done in person.

Access To

General Service, Sauna Access, Kids Room , 24/7 Access, Tanning


General Service, Free WiFi, Kids Room, 24/7 Access, Tanning

Family Member

Down Payment Breakup

Base Plan Cost

Down Payment: $0.00
Prorated: $30.93
Taxes: $0.00

Total Due Now: $30.93
Recurring Dues: $39.95 per month + Tax (as applicable)

Plan Dates:

Effective from : 5/27/2020