X SHADYSIDE | Plan 12 Month Terms W/Rollover

Review and Add

Review the plan options and add additional options if you like.
1. Review Base Plan

You made the Year commitment. Once it's done, your membership will automatically rollover to a month to month membership unless you advise us differently. Your rates will stay the same. 


Access To

Monthly Indivual Gym, Aerobics, Monthly Student Gym, One Month Temp, One Year Individual, One Year Student, Gym Membership Dues, General Facility


Gym Membership Dues

Family Member

2. Add Options

Tanning (Monthly)

$ 0 down / $10.00 per month

Down Payment Breakup

Base Plan Cost

Down Payment: $0.00
Prorated: $21.23
Taxes: $0.00

Add on Cost

Add-on Down Payment: $0.00
Prorated: $0.00
Taxes: $0.00

Total Due Now: $21.23
Recurring Dues: $49.00 per month + Tax (as applicable)

Plan Dates:

Effective from : 4/21/2019
Expires On : 4/21/2020